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Toshiaki Takeuchi
Representative Director & Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
   NDK will expand its sales with a focus on automotive electronics and mobile communications markets, and aim for regaining its status as a group with ¥50 billion in annual sales. Even after recovery in its sales to the ¥50 billion level in fiscal 2018, NDK will focus on the automotive electronics market, where firm growth in demand is expected, and continue to aim for growth. For implementing growth strategies, NDK will implement initiatives and address issues by market and by product as follows:

(1) Automotive Electronics Market
   Looking ahead, it is expected that percentage of automobiles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will increase sharply. Crystal units, temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), crystal clock oscillators (ICXOs), and surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices will be used for cameras, radar systems, communications equipment and other products that are used in ADAS equipment. Automotive products have highly demanding specifications, including wide usable temperature range and frequency stability. NDK is developing and marketing high-reliability products to meet customers’ requirements.

(2) Industrial Product Market
   To respond to increasing transmission quality, the number of compact base stations is growing. In addition, it is expected that the market for 5G base stations will start to grow from around 2019. The technological requirements for 5G products are extremely high, and to respond, NDK will prepare products that can come up to these requirements and promote increase in sales.

(3) Mobile Communications Market
   In fiscal 2018, NDK will focus on strengthening its sales to makers in North America and newly emerging smartphone makers in China. From fiscal 2019 onward, the outlook is for the emergence of needs for 1210-sized and 1008-sized crystal products, which are substantially more compact than present 1612-sized units. Using its miniature processing technology, NDK will attain high levels of precision and reliability than is possible with machine processing methods.

(4) SAW Device Market
   NDK will proceed with strengthening its product development and marketing for mobile communications applications and make an active entry into the SAW device market.

(5) Ultrasonic and Sensor Markets
   In the ultrasonic equipment business, NDK is strengthening its sales in compact, simplified, portable ultrasonic sensors and 3D-imaging probes. Also, in the sensor business, NDK is promoting the commercialization of sensors for food product inspection and influenza detection from a long-term perspective.

   NDK considered that it is indispensable to establish a corporate governance system that maintains management transparency and make sure it will guarantee accountability to stakeholders in order to increase its corporate value through generating earnings and continue to increase corporate value, and in June 2015, NDK elected two Outside Directors to its Board of Directors. Also, NDK wants to maintain the trust of all its stakeholders and continue to be a respected corporate group by promoting legal compliance, helping to ensure accountability, promoting timely and appropriate disclosure of information, and providing incentives for fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, including activities for the protection of the natural environment.
   Looking to the future, it is expected that, not only present business based on smartphone, but new business areas including automatic driving, IoT, and other areas will grow and be created due to improving transmission infrastructure along with development of 5G commercialization. Amid this operating environment, the NDK Group, as a specialized manufacturer of devices for control, selection, and detection of frequencies, should increasingly play an indispensable role, and will endeavor to provide the high reliability and high technology necessary for automotive electronics products in all its products while maintaining its competitiveness and excellence in manufacturing. As in the past and continuing into the future, NDK will live up to its founding philosophy of "contributing to the prosperity of society and world peace through our service to customers" and continue to contribute to safety, security, and comfort of society.
   We appreciate your interest in and support for NDK and look forward to your continuing cooperation in the years to come.

July 2017
Toshiaki Takeuchi
Representative Director & Chairman of the Board, President and CEO


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