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Donated eighty-eight of cherry blossom saplings to Suzhou City
At the Suzhou Advisory Council on April 16, 2004, we donated eighty-eight of cherry blossom saplings in hope of Suzhou City's future development. These cherry tree saplings were planted in the extensive Suo Shan Park (in Suzhou Gaoxin District) with the monument erected in the area.
Suzhou Japanese School Special Class Guest Teacher
In September 2019, we gave a job lecture as a guest teacher for special classes as part of career education for middle school students in Suzhou Japanese School.
We told children what work is as well as the importance of work, and also introduced our products used in various kinds of areas of people's lives.
Awa Dance Club “Dempa-Ren” Activities
Awa Dance Club “Dempa-Ren” perform their Awa Dance at an elders meeting, a special elderly nursing home, and a kindergarten. They also participate "the civil Awa Dance Meet" at the city-sponsored annual Iruma River Star Festival to lead the community based activities.
NDK Festival
NDK Festival, annually held at the Sayama Plant, invites local stakeholders, folk tune club and Japanese drum club to boost a good communication with local residents. These coming-together-with-the local community events are also held at the other NDK group of companies.
Enlisted in Evacuation Shelters for Children
Sayama Plant has enlisted in "Evacuation Shelters for Children" to take its role as a community cooperation hub for local children to stop by in case they encounter any danger or troubles.
Blood Donation
Sayama Plant bi-annually implements a group blood donation.
In 2012, it was awarded the letter of appreciation in recognition of JRC (Japan Red Cross Society) Distinguished Service Award for Blood Donation.
Book Donation
At Sayama Plant, they reuse employee-donated-unnecessary-books in-house. Also, with the income from selling the unnecessary books, they donate the books to Sayama City Public Library.
Clean-up Effort
Sayama Plant actively participates the environmental conservation activities promoted by Saitama prefecture and Sayama city such as Sainokuni Road Support Activities, Iruma River Clean-up Activities, Kawanokuni Supporters' Beautification Activities. Sayama Plant also works for a regional contribution as a member of Sayama Environment ISO Liaison Committee of which Sayama city and ISO14001 certified companies play a central part.

Plant Greening Activity
Furukawa NDK, in recognition of its active operation toward plant greening at the National Convention for Active Plant Greening in September 2005, won "the Chairman of Japan Greening Center" award for the excellent plant of the year. It operates a conservation activity out of respect to global warming countermeasures, not incinerating but drying and grounding pruned branches to scatter them at the foot of a tree.


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