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  Suzhou NDK Co.,Ltd, NDK's overseas subsidiary in China, has been certified of Advanced Certified Enterprise of AEO in China on January 23th, 2018.

  AEO system offers relaxation and simplification of customs procedure to the operators who have established systems for cargo security and compliance with laws.
WCO (World Customs Organization) has laid down world standard guideline of AEO, and in Japan, AEO was introduced for exporters in March 2006.
NDK headquarters was certified as Authorized Exporter in March 26th, 2008.

  AEO system was introduced in China, and Suzhou NDK was certified General Certified Enterprise in 2009. In 2014, Chinese customs changed its AEO classification. Suzhou NDK took this opportunity to apply for the one rank higher level of AEO and succeeded to obtain the certification. This certification will enable Suzhou NDK to receive more preferential treatments at customs clearance.


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