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Jul 15,2009

   Thank you very much for using the products of Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd and its group of companies (hereinafter also referred to as “NDK”).

   Recently, in China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan, hereinafter referred to as “China Area”), it was identified that the name of company, NDK, was stated, or the same or similar symbolic mark as trademark or logo, etc, of NDK were indicated on the products, even though they were not made by NDK (hereinafter referred to as “Imitation Products”), which were being sold by unauthorized agents of NDK.

   NDK will not guarantee the quality and performance, etc, for any imitation product. And please take note that NDK will not make any compensation, indemnification or whatsoever, even if you had purchased an imitation product and suffered from problems on your equipment caused by its usage.

   We hope that you will be cautious by not being misled into purchasing the imitation products instead of genuine NDK products. Genuine NDK products can be purchased from Nihon Dempa Kogyo, its subsidiaries or authorized agents. You can find the address, etc, of Nihon Dempa Kogyo or its subsidiaries on the screen of the “Sales Network” of our website.

   If you have any queries, please contact our company through the “Contact Us” screen of this website.

   In NDK, we have respected our intellectual property rights, as well as other's, until now, and we intend to take appropriate measures, including legal action, against the infringement of intellectual property rights, including the manufacturing and sales of imitation products, so we hope for your understanding and co-operation.



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