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Since 2003, NDK has been developing lead-free products and rigorously applying to earlier products as well.

NDK has established the standard for environmental substance list control that take into account various national laws/regulations and requirements from customers, to comply with ELV and RoHS directives. NDK also strives to protect the environment by selecting and using parts/materials that do not contain prohibited substances from the part/material approval stage.

In order to control chemical substances contained in the parts and materials that comprise our products and to provide information required by EU REACH regulations, NDK collects chemical substance content data for parts/materials from suppliers, puts it in a database; through these activities, NDK is addressing to REACH regulations.

NDK responds to customers requirements, such as JGPSSI format; AIS, MSDS plus promoted by JAMP; JAMA sheet, IMDS recommended by onboard equipment manufacturers, and etc.

Please inform it of whether you see a product page about the situation for environment load material of each product to our business charge or the following contact.

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