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NP3225SCA (For Automotive Safety)


  • HCSL Differential Output SPXO
  • Compact dimension : 3.2×2.5×0.9mm.
  • Supply voltage : +2.5 ~ +3.3V
  • Low phase jitter : Typ. 100fs at 156.25MHz
  • Available for automtated mounting by taping(Available for IR reflow)
  • Available for LEAD-FREE
  • Conforms to AEC-Q100/Q200
  • Conforms to PCI Express3.0


  • RoHS compliant
  • Pb Free


Nominal Frequency Range (MHz) 100 to 170
Package Size (L×W×H : mm) 3.2×2.5×0.9
Output Specification HCSL
Overall Frequency Tolerance (*1) Max. ±50×10-6
Operating Temperature Range  (°C) -40 to +105
Storage Temperature Range  (°C) -55 to +125
Supply Voltage [VCC](V) +2.375 ~ +3.63±10 %
Current Consumption During operation (mA) Max. 50
Stand-by (µA) Max. 30
Output Voltage VOL : -150~+150mV
ΔVOH : -580~+850mV
Rise Time / Fall Time (ns) 'Max.±0.5
Symmetry (%) 45 to 55
Output Load [RL](Ω) 50
Start-up Time (ms) Max. 10
Phase Jitter (ps) Max.1
Specification Number (Vcc=2.5V±5%) NSC5317A
Specification Number(Vcc=3.3V±10%) NSC5317B
Stand by function
#1 PAD input #4,5 PAD output
H Level(0.7Vcc min) or OPEN Oscillation output ON
L Level(0.3Vcc max) High impedance

*1. The frequency stability includes initial frequency tolerance, temperature variation, and supply variation.

Please specify the model name, frequency, and specification number when you order products.
For further questions regarding specifications, please feel free to contact us.
Please note that the "specification number" posted is subject to change.


NP3225SCA Dimensions

Output Waveform

NP3225SCA Output Waveform



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