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What is an ultrasonic sensor?

What is an ultrasonic sensor?

Ultrasonic sensors send ultrasonic waves toward objects and receive the reflected waves (echo) back from them. They thereby detect the presence of the objects and determine the distance to them.
An ultrasonic sensor can determine the distance to an object by measuring the difference in time between the sound wave being transmitted and the echo being received and also capture the material property and structure of the object by measuring the strength of the reflection.
The echo can be used to create cross-section images of the object. With this principle of operation, the inside of the human body or objects, which cannot be usually seen, can be visualized without damaging them.

Diversity of ultrasonic sensors Medicine  Health care
Other applications
Ultrasonic sensors provide a variety of uses based on three major functions: "detection", "measurement" and "destruction". Ultrasonic sensors are used in various scenes in our daily life and industries. Sensing probes in different shapes are available.

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