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2021.12.01 產品技術 更新 (NEW SPXO (差分輸出) : NP3225SAD / NP3225SBD / NP3225SCD )
2021.11.09 產品技術 更新 (NEW VCXO : NV5032SC)
2021.11.04 產品技術 更新 (NEW 毫米波轉換器 : C057G064GA)
2021.08.27 產品技術 更新 (NEW TCXO : NT1612SA)
2021.07.20 產品技術 更新 (NEW High Precision Oscillator : NH7050SA)
2021.07.19 Alps Alpine Co.,Ltd. adopted DuCULoN ® for AlpineF#1Status, the world's ultra high-end car audio system PDF
2021.07.02 Development of floor noise-185 dBc/ Hz at 100kHz ultra-low phase noise 100MHz OCXO PDF
2021.06.22 Development of NX1210AC 76.8MHz crystal -unit with built-in thermistor PDF
2021.06.21 產品技術 更新 (NEW SPXO (差分輸出) : NP2520SAB / NP2520SBB)
2021.06.16 Developed the industry-thinnest 1.0x0.8mm-sized ultra-low-profile crystal unit PDF
2021.06.10 Development of industry-leading compact, low-phase jitter differential-output crystal oscillator PDF
2021.05.25 Developed the industry-leading Low g-Sensitivity crystal unit PDF
2021.05.11 Developed ultra-low phase noise VCXO with industry-leading low floor noise performance of -180 dBc/Hz (SMD, sized 14×9mm) PDF
2021.03.12 Developed the world's smallest 1.2×1.0mm size tuning fork type quartz crystal unit for pacemakers with MRI-compatible PDF
2021.02.05 Entry into a consignment contract and the start of research and development in the leading research project of METI and NEDO PDF
2021.02.04 產品技術 更新 (NEW SPXO (差分輸出) : NP2520SA / NP2520SB)
2021.01.29 Development of 2520-size compact, low-phase jitter type differential output crystal oscillator PDF
2021.01.14 产品技术 更新 (NEW 钟用晶体振荡器 :NZ2016SHA(MHz) / NZ2016SHA(kHz)


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