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 NDK group, in order to secure the safety of its employees and local communities, will continue its important business, and fulfill its responsibilities to its customers, business partners, employees and local communities in case of a major disaster such as a large-scale earthquake, factory fire, influenza pandemic or cyberterrorism, will develop and continually upgrade its business continuity plan and try its best to improve the level of its business continuity capabilities.

Principles of Employee Behavior

 To fulfill the corporate and personal social responsibility in the event of an emergency, NDK will set its principles of employee behavior (priority order of behavior) as follows;

< Ensuring the Safety of Employees >
      Confirm the safety of employees, their family members and the visitors, and put utmost priority to the safety of each person.
< Ensuring the safety of local community / Cooperation in a retrieval activity >
      Provide the utmost cooperation to ensuring the safety of local community and a retrieval activity.
< Ensuring the Safety of Employees >
      Confirm the damages of our own at earliest, continue the operation to satisfy the demands of our customers, and recover at an early point.

Basic Policy on Business Continuity - Continuing the Key Operations

 In the event of an emergency situation, NDK Group will set the following three operations as the key operations and apply management resources such as people, goods, money and information as necessary to take top priority of the continuation of these key operations.

      · logistics operations (operations, sales)
      · system maintenance and capture of technical data (information systems, technology)
      · production / procurement service (manufacture, production management, purchasing, quality assurance)


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