Notice of English Corporate Website Renewal

Thank you for visiting our corporate website.
We are pleased to announce the renewal of our English corporate website.

Main Points of Renewal

1, Improvement of Legibility and Operability

Website has been redesigned its flow to get required information easier and intuitively by enhancing legibility with expanding screen size and characters and utilizing pictures effectively.
Also, it is enhanced its convenience and operability by introducing automatic layout display to optimize layout display depending on customer's devices such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet etc.

2, Expansion of Product Lineup and Technology Information

Parametric Search

  1. Parametric Search is added for searching various specification of our products. In previous website, product lineup was only ordered by package size and frequency ranges.
  2. It is available to download Data sheets of products.

3, Improvement of Product Search Function

  1. It is available to search products based on selected conditions in real time.
    *See more details.
  2. In the page of "IC Matching Information", searching function is added. It is available to search our products with IC part numbers.

4, Expansion of Contents

Newly, the contents of "Synthetic Quartz Crystal " which are roots for all our products and "Optical Component " are added.


Please note that URLs of some of the pages have been changed due to the renewal of the website.

If you have registered these pages in your browser's "Favorites," please change the URL to the new one.

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