Business Field

Crystal devices play an important role in controlling all inner movements of electronics products to enable the accurate transmission and processing of the vast amounts of information by using signals from accurate and stable vibrations.
NDK crystal devices are used virtually in every type of electronics, especially, automotive market where will be expanded greatly with ADAS related equipment, mobile phones which has high growth potentials for 5G applications, and furthermore, computers, home appliances, game consoles, digital cameras, and medical devices.


No.1 global market share in crystal devices contributing to the automobile revolution

Automatic brakes for detection of danger and automatic steering for prevention of straying from lane.
NDK crystal devices are also used inside such advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS)
They withstand severe shocks and vibration and continues to oscillate the frequency accurately even under severe temperature changes, thereby supporting safety from the bottom.

Infrastructure / Industrial Equipment

The only Japanese OCXO mass production company for 5G base stations towards the world markets

Since the era of analog communication, NDK contributes to the base stations for mobile communications which is significant as a social infrastructure.
In the 5G system, NDK crystal devices are used especially in base stations of controlling called CU(central units) and DU(distributed units).

Mobile・IoT・OA/AV・Household Appliance

The comfort of life spreads to every corner

IoT produces various solutions through connecting "things" by the internet such as controlling house equipment, checking store stocks, and furthermore feeding pets and watering house plants.
NDK crystal devices supply a standard frequency to transmit information accurately and safely for connecting "things".
We support the realization of IoT from the inside of each product.


The demand of healthcare and medical application increases by developing of compact size, lightweight and wireless communication needs

NDK also contributes to health care and medical fields. Since 1970s, we developed compact and lightweight products for the needs of high quality products and portable use as the times goes by. In addition, NDK products expand the market in the medical care requiring wireless and remote-controlled use.