Risk Management

Risk Management

We are avoiding possible risks, decreasing losses from it through monitoring risks including group companies by established Risk Management Committees.

Risks of business performance

Following is the main possible risks impacted to financial status, business performance and cash flows.

Business expansion risks Risks related to information security
Risks of increased competition Risks of natural disasters and unexpected incidents
Public regulations in relevant countries Risks of fluctuation of foreign exchange rates
Risks related to supplier Risks of intellectual property and defects of products
Risks related to human resources Risks of bad debts
Risks related to environmental pollution Risks of finance and accounting

Guideline of business continuity plans


Under the significant disasters such as earthquake, fires in factory, new strain of influenza, cyberattacks, NDK prioritizes to protect employees and related people and to continue our important business for fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, employees and local people by formulating business continuity plans improving these situation sooner.

Priority of response

In an emergency, we will act based on following principles for fulfilling our responsibilities as individuals and the corporate.

<Securing safety>
We prioritize to ensure safety of employee and their families, customers who visits our office firstly.

<Securing safety and cooperation of recovery of local community>
We secure the safety of local community and cooperate to recover the local community.

<Maintain of minimum necessary operations>
We confirm the impacts of disaster, maintain the minimum necessary operations based on requests from customers and recover the business promptly.

Guideline of business continuity plans ~Maintain of minimum necessary operations~
Under the emergency, we prioritize to address following three minimum necessary operations depending on judging the situation based on corporate management including Human Resources, Products, Finance and Information.

  • Logistics (Sales)
  • Maintaining information technology system and saving engineering data (Information System and Engineering Div.)
  • Production and Procurement ( Manufacturing, Production Management, Purchasing, and Quality Assurance)

Action for prevention of COVID-19

In the expansion of COVID-19, NDK prioritizes to continue minimum necessary operations as well as secure safety and health of our employee. Specifically, we use for working from home, flexible hours, set humidifier, sterilization, ventilate often, replace office layout and restrict business trip and dinner and private actions.