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Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmental management is one of the highest priorities for enterprise management in the 21st century. At NDK, taking steps to conserve the natural environment and fulfill our role as a responsible corporate citizen are vital to the corporate mission underpinning our dynamic actions to reduce NDK's environmental footprint.

Environmental Conservation Activities

Approaches towards Labor Safety and Health

NDK group abides by the Labor, Safety and Health related laws and ordinances, and aims for creating a working environment where employees are able to work with a healthy and safe state of mind and body, while fully performing on their ability, and strives for its continuous improvement, so that we could fulfill the NDK's philosophy, which is “Contributing to the prosperity of society and world peace through our service to customers” or the Management Philosophy which are “NDK is developing a fearless workforce that will overcome difficulties”, “NDK is enhancing each individual's character through work”, and “NDK respects each individual and is improving the life of each of its employees”.


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