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Bio Sensor

This page introduces biosenser (QCM sensor) and bio-molecular interaction analyzers (QCM systems) working with QCM method. QCM stands for Quartz Crystal Microbalance which is a small mass measurement method with Crystal unit which works as sensor.

Product introduction : QCM sensor

NDK features sensor which enable users to make a differential measurement with 1 sensor(the world 1 st. "Twin sensor(QCM twin sensor)") having two electrodes on the crystal chip.
Additionally, The systems can also be used as Taste sensor, putting lipid membrane on the electrodes.
Product introduction:QCM sensor

Product introduction : QCM systems

The systems provide you differential measurement with one sensor, which is impossible with conventional QCM system. The systems can be used for real time monitoring for "Immuno-reaction", "Protein binding", "DNA binding", etc.
QCM analyzer series consist of two types, "NAPiCOS system (manual operation type)" and "NAPiCOS Auto(Auto operation type)".

NAPiCOS system for only air phase measurement version can be provided now.
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Product inrtroduction:QCM systems

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