NAPiCOS Series

High accuracy QCM systems "NAPiCOS" -Biomolecule interaction Analyzers-

"NAPiCOS! is QCM (*) technology based analyzer for biological molecular interaction, with which differential measurement by QCM twin sensor is available. The system enables users to make high sensitivity measurements for molecular interaction such as biological protein binding, DNA binding and so on with just simple injection of sample. Additionally, NAPiCOS system can be used for gas measurement in materials developments and environmental monitoring fields. NAPiCOS series consist of two types, manual operation type"NAPiCOS system" and Automatic operation type "NAPiCOS Auto." NDK will contribute to establish safe & untroubled living conditions through quantification and analysis of specific substance in biochemistry, clinical, environment and food chemistry fields etc.
NDK also features "NAPiCOS Auto TS" best suited for taste analysis.

◇ NAPiCOS is a coined word created by NDK, combining the words "nano", "pico" and "sensor". A possibility of trace amount measurement with nano and pico level is infused into the word NAPiCOS as a new measurement technology proposed by high technology crystal products manufacturer NDK.

(*) QCM : Shortened words of Quartz Crystal Microbalance. Molecular level measurement method using quartz crystal as sensor board

Product Name Outward Forms
NAPiCOS System



Applicaiton Example

Almost measurement applications with NAPiCOS such as immune reaction and others can be applied. The followings are several examples of the measurement ones, which can be available as reference NAPiCOS series can be used for other applications that are not described in this site too.

For immobilization with carboxyl radical, Amino radical, and others on the surface of the sensor, please contact us.

◆ Substance with low molecular weight

NAPiCOS Technologies

Features of NAPiCOS technologies

Measurement method of NAPiCOS, relational expressions between mass and frequency, and cautions of measurement method

Comparison between NAPiCOS and SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance method)

Research papers & Conference presentation relatad to NDK's QCM products

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